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Director: Peter Lindmark.
Producers: Abou-Bakre Aalam, Thomas Allercrantz, Tomas Crutze, Daniel Fridell, Peter Lindmark.
Screenplay: Peter Lindmark.
Starring: Sofia Helin, Mikael Persbrandt, Stefan Sauk, Stina Ekblad, Peter Franzén.

Röde Orm Filmproduktion / Lefwander Kapitalförvaltning, 2005


The Story: 33-year-old Klara is a police detective with the Armed Robbery Squad at the Stockholm Police Department. When a wave of bank robberies perpetrated by a seemingly new gang hits the Stockholm metropolitan area, the police initially fail in their mission to apprehend the robbers. Klara, however, finds similarities with a series of previous bank robberies commited in Germany. Her investigation leads her to believe that the robbers are either police officers from the SWAT unit with right-wing sympathies, or former military personnel.