Johan scores award-winning documentary

The Monastery: Mr Vig and the Nun, av Danish feature length documentary
by Pernille Rose Grönkjaer, won the the IDFA festival in Amsterdam, which is
considered to be the biggest documentary film festival in the world. The film
will also be shown in the ”World cinema competition/Documentary” section of
the Sundance Film Festival. As you probably have gathered by now, the film
features an original score by Johan Söderqvist!

’after the wedding’ up for oscar
Johan recently composed and recorded the original score for Susanne
Bier's After the Wedding, which is Denmark’s official entry in the Academy
Awards’ Best Foreign Film category. Susanne Bier is nominated to the
European Film Award for best direction. The score CD is due soon from
Milan Records.

johan finishes work on solo cd
Johan Söderqvist is currently finishing work on a solo album for quality label
Phono Suecia, which is run by STIM, the Swedish performing rights society.


Now playing: "Father and Daughter" from After the Wedding.