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En mand kommer hjem

Director: Thomas Vinterberg.
Producers: Morten Kaufman.
Screenplay: Morten Kaufman, Mogens Rukov, Thomas Vinterberg.
Starring: Thomas Bo Larsen, Morten Grunwald, Shanti Roney, Karen-Lise Mynster, Lotta Telje.

Breidablick Film Produktion / Nimbus Film Productions, 2007


The Story: A small provincial town is buzzing with excitement: the town's most illustrious son, a world-famous opera singer, is coming home. Meanwhile, Sebastian, a kitchen boy who is as good as married, falls head over heels in love with the new maid, Maria. Their love affair, along with rumours that the opera singer and the kitchen boy are related, turns the town upside down, threatening to ruin everyone's high expectations and the opera singer's triumphant return.