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Bäst i Sverige

• Winner of the Children's Film Prize of the Nordic Film Institutes and Prize of the Video Industry at Lübeck Nordic Film Days
• Nominated to two Guldbagge Awards

Director: Ulf Malmros.
Producers: Christer Nilson.
Screenplay: Peter Birro.
Starring: Ariel Petsonk, Zamand Hägg, Michael Nyqvist, Anna Pettersson, Vilma Rogsten-Zammel.

Sandrew Metronome International / Svenska Filminstitutet / MTV Produktion / Götafilm / Film i Väst / Göteborgsdramat, 2002


The Story: Life is not easy for ten year old Marcello. He is not very good at football, a fact that the tries to hide from his Italian father, an avid football fanatic. One day, a new girl walks into Marcello's life. And she is incredibly good at football...